Artfcl is an idea that perfectly reflects current times, where the boundary between the living and digital or electronic worlds sometimes disappears, sometimes a human being becomes a machine and a machine becomes a human being.
In music, we make sense of this not only by combining live sounds with electronics but also by aligning their roles in the flow of music. An acoustic melodic instrument can mimic electronic rhythmic elements while electronics “sing” their melody. In this way, Artfcl delivers a multi-faceted and highly diverse musical language, interweaving many seemingly incompatible styles of music such as IDM, Jazz, Techno, Breaks, Avant-garde, Acid Jazz, Pop, Ambient, Alternative, Electro or Trip-Hop.
The duo was formed in January 2020. Created by itself, because it was time for two peers to come up with one name that unites them. Andrius Laucevičius (creator of electronic music under the pseudonym of Phun Thomas) and Matas Samulionis (out-of-frame virtuoso of harmonies and modular synthesizers, saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist) have been working purposefully for several years and in 2019 presented an electro-acoustic ballet called “Newborn” expanding electronic music with professional ballet soloists, video projections and light art.
With the creation of “Newborn”, several conceptually unsuitable ballet pieces were born that inspired the debut album “Artificial”. The debut album “Artificial” consists of 16 tracks and was released on Future Sound Scientists (FSS Recordings) record label in May 2020. In the autumn of the same year, the “Drawn In(to) Soundscape” EP was pressed into vinyl and released on Runemark Records. Soon after “Hands On Artificial” remix album followed which welcomed 10 electronic music producers who made their remixes for our compositions from the debut album “Artificial”.  
Artfcl by Pijus Veberis