The remix album “Hands On Artificial” welcomes 11 diverse electronic music producers from Lithuania who have expressed their personal interpretations of compositions from our debut album “Artificial”.

This remix album is an explosion of today’s Lithuanian electronic music delivering the super actively creating artists from the local scene. All of them create the future sound of Lithuanian electronic music. The compilation contains amazing works from Auren, Black Water, Dubonautik, Five Rituals, Jaroška, Lulu, Monikaze, Phun Thomas, Roe Deers, Shkema, and Artfcl themselves.

Future Sound Scientists (FSS Recordings)


RE-XMAS Christmas songs’ remixes album

2020 has been full of surprises and Christmas this year is going to be anything like normal, to say the least. Unwanted “spirit” of social distance changed many of our beloved Christmas traditions. And you simply can’t argue with reality. And the reality is that we can’t mix. Unless it’s music.

Therefore, to embrace and still enjoy the current circumstances, GO Vilnius in partnership with electronic music creators Alex Krell, Artfcl, FUME, grad_u, Monikaze, Lakeside Culture, Roe Deers, and Antidote, presents “Re-Xmas” – the first social distancing album for Christmas 2020.

More on the concept of the album: www.rexmas2020.com


DRAWN IN(TO) SOUNDSCAPE our first EP on vinyl 

The original version opens the EP, which is taken from Artfcl’s debut album “Artificial”. A timeless piece of music full of beautiful soundscapes, a variety of grooves, and vast deepness. Artfcl’s Destroyed remix shows the different side of the duo and is dedicated to breakbeat fans. Modular synths and rhythm patterns create dark and pulsating vibes.

“Drawn In (to) Soundscape” Ten Walls remix starts the B side of the vinyl. Bright pads, massive basslines, and magnificent synths build a heavenly uplifting atmosphere. Last but definitely not least Ten Walls’ remix for Artfcl’s composition “Colored” shows his sophisticated jazzy side for the first time in a remix. Complicated structures are delivered in an easy-listening manner to emphasize the colorfulness of the remix.

Runemark Records

Debut album ARTIFICIAL

Artfcl is an idea that perfectly reflects current times, where the boundary between the living and digital or electronic worlds sometimes disappears, sometimes a human being becomes a machine and a machine becomes a human being.

A debut album “Artificial” consists of 16 tracks. The efforts have been made to create the album in an extremely eclectic manner so that neither the mood nor the musical styles nor the timbres will be repeated while listening to the album. The result is great – each track tells its own story, but at the same time complements the overall concept of the album.

Future Sound Scientists (FSS Recordings)


Alauda Arvensis is a Latin name for the bird that first announces the coming spring in Lithuania. Though the composition delivers totally electronic sounds, the general energy of the original piece is as powerful as the news in the spring from Alauda Arvensis. Artfcl’ remix draws ambient soundscape and deep mood. Opposing the original version with its calmness and coziness.

Future Sound Scientists (FSS Recordings)


Opening and the title track “The Turn” sets the mood for the rest of the release. IDM’ical clicks & cuts create the groove with deep pads and subtle bass-line.

“Colored” brings jazzy freedom. Accompanied by saxophone cuts, composition evolves into eclectic darkness full of piano sounds.

Last but definitely not least track in the pack is called “Heaven Behind those Eyes” which is an acoustic composition filled with tiny piano cuts. 

Future Sound Scientists (FSS Recordings)


The original version is a breakbeat anthem, full of electro and modular synthesizers accompanied by acoustic strings. The composition tells a dramatic story of the sense of community that is “Bigger Than Us”. Artfcl remix paints a different approach to the original version. It has a more IDM’ical resound with an ambient atmosphere.

Future Sound Scientists (FSS Recordings)


The original version of “Decadance” is a post-disco and Electro hybrid. Created using modular synths and TR-505 beat machine. Phun Thomas delivers two edits for a more DJ friendly and radio usage. An original point of view and totally different approach declares Auren in his deep and slow remix. The constantly evolving structure of the composition brings unexpected turns and drops followed by groovy patterns.

Future Sound Scientists (FSS Recordings)

ARTIFICIAL the first single

The original piece includes a live sax as the main idea of the composition, as well as many percussion sounds produced using extended sax techniques. Created in the sound and style of the early 90’s Funk, Acid Jazz, and Hip Hop. 

Artfcl’s Rethink draws a totally different soundscape with its own attitude. A darker mood with raw and dirty synthesizer sounds creates that underground and alternative concept towards the original version.

Last but not least comes a remix from Phun Thomas. A dark-post-disco version of the original brings the arpeggiator upfront that was originally in the background and drops heavy beats for the harder groove.

Future Sound Scientists (FSS Recordings)